Universal Travel Adapter
With Dual USP Ports

Can you charge/power more than one device at the same time?P2G-UTA1withPouch325x188

Yes, you can plug in two devices into the USB ports and one into the the international plug.

Will it work with curling iron and hair dryer?

The modern curling iron should work fine. Check the specifications first though. For instance the Conair model CD82WSCR can handle both 120/240V and only draws 125W which is well under the 720W max at 120V. That said we have experienced curling irons sold in the US that overheat when taken overseas.

The hair dryer will not work. The modern hair dryer is built for the country you are in. For instance the Conair model 247WBW is 125V pulling 1875W. It would not work for two reasons:  1. It only works on the 120V systems. 2.The 1875W is greater than the 720W at 120V. If you tried to use it, you would blow either the fuse the in adapter or electrical breaker box in the hotel.

Our recommendation when traveling abroad is to use the hotel’s hair dryer or purchase an appropriate voltage travel hair dryer. Similarly with the curling iron we recommend purchasing an appropriate voltage travel curling iron. You will more likely to get the results you want with this option.

What world wide electrical plug/prong types are supported?

There are 15 types of electrical outlet plugs in use today which have been assigned a letter by US Department of Commerce. The Pac2Go Universal Travel Adapter output plug types are are A, C, G, and I. In an ungrounded form the compatibility would include B, D, E, F, H, J, K, L, N and O. The full list in ungrounded format would be A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, N and O.

For input the Pac2Go Universal Travel Adapter supports A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, N and O. Note that while it does accept grounded plugs, this unit is not grounded.

For a complete list of  supported countries see the Supported Countries section of technical information.

Do I need a converter if I have an adapter?

The Pac2Go Universal Travel Adapter is not a converter from one voltage to another. However, most modern devices support a range of voltages. The MacBook Pro for instance supports line voltage from 100V to 240V AC which makes a converter unnecessary. Check your device in advance before plugging it into the the adapter.

For USB charging, the standard voltage is 5V and thus, there is no need for a converter when connecting to the Pac2Go Universal Travel Adapter.

Can I plug in non US devices?

Yes! The Pac2Go Universal Travel Adapter can accept electrical plugs from 14 of the 15 world wide input types. This gives a total of 56 variations of input and output.

Will this take a 3 prong US plug?


Does this item have a warranty?

Yes, the Pac2Go Universal Travel Adapter has a 1 ½ year warranty.

Is a surge protector built in. If so- is there a fuse to replace if it blows?

Both surge and spike protection is built in. There is a 6A fuse located on the right hand side of the UK plug and a spare fuse located in the middle of the Europe plug.

What is the Voltage output when charging USB devices?

5V at 2.5mA for dual port. If only one port is used it would be 5V at 2.1A

Since this adapter is not a converter, do I need to bring my iPAD and iPhone chargers along when traveling outside of the US?

No, but bring your cables, or buy a separate pair when you’re traveling. Remember the Pac2Go Universal Travel Adapter can be used inside your own country as well. This will help reduce the number of chargers you have to bring when traveling.

Because this is such a big looking adapter- will it fall out of a power outlet?

No, it should not fall out of the power outlet. I do generally plug the device in with the center of unit below the plug and let gravity keep the unit plugged in.

Are the USB ports powerful enough to charge the new iPads?

Yes. The new iPads use 10W at 2.1A. Understand that Watts = Voltage x Amps. The Pac2Go Universal Travel Adapter USB ports charge at 5V at 2.1A or just a little over 10W.

If I plug my US iPhone directly into the USB port, will it work in Europe without a converter?


How many watts can this handle?

At 250V it can handle 1500W. Lower voltages are at the same ratio of 6 watts per volt. At 120V it would be 720W

Are there any loose parts? Also, can it work in China? I am reading that the plugs there are a V. Do I just have to angle the US plugs?

There are no loose part. It definitely will work in China is at 220V, 50Hz and uses the A(US), C(Europe), or I(Australia) type of plugs depending on where you are. And yes all you have to do is twist the US straight plug to angle them.

Is the adapter compatible to use with extension cords?

The simple answer is yes you can use an extension cord, but don’t connect more than a 2 or 3 devices to it.

The detailed answer is yes, as long as the amount of Amps that are pulled from the devices connected to the extension cord do not exceed 6 amps. If they exceed 6 amps you will most likely blow the primary fuse which is located near the UK plug disabling the flow of electricity to the ports and plug. Should this happen, verify the fuse is blown by removing it from the adapter and inspecting the fuse for a clouded or black look in the glass area. If it is blown then replace the fuse with the spare fuse located near the Europe plug. Make sure to detach at least one device from the extension cord before reusing.

For instance. The Apple MacBook Pro charger pulls 1.5 Amps so in theory you could connect 4 up to MacBooks through an extension cord or it’s cousin the power strip before you would blow the fuse. This is 60% less than if you plugged your extension cord into a socket at home because most home circuits are 15Amps. That means you will need to limit the amount of devices you connect through the extension cord to just a 2 or 3 devices.

Also note that the since the Universal Travel Adapter is not grounded and any device connected to the the adapter therefore is not grounded as well. This would apply as well to any device that is connected to an extension cord which was connected to the adapter even though the extension cord is grounded. However, the lack of grounding isn’t an issue because the adapter has built in surge and spark protection on the incoming voltage from the socket and is protected by the 6 amp fuse from overloading from the plug on the other end.

Note: You should take the same precautions when connecting an extension cord to the Universal Travel Adapter as you would if you plugged the extension directly into an electrical outlet. Extension cords have been well documented as a leading cause of fires in homes. That doesn’t mean you should use them when you need them. Just make sure you don’t overload them and they aren’t damaged.