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  • Universal Travel Adapter
    An essential item no matter where you plan to travel. You can rest assured that the Pac2Go Universal Travel Adapter with Dual USB Ports will allow you to power up any of your devices and allows you to charge up to three devices at one time, and it comes with a surge and spike protector as well. It even comes with a spare fuse, just in case. Further information see the technical information and FAQ.

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  • Mobile Power Charger
    With smart mobile device users in mind that seek a high quality, lightweight, compact portable charger that works and keeps them connected, the Pac2Go mobile power charger is a slim, stylish, secure item that slips neatly into everyone’s pocket, purse or backpack and is a “must have” product for those on the go. Further information see the technical information and FAQ.

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  • P2GBS-01-MainImage2
    Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    Whether at the beach, by the poolside, hiking, in your car, on a business trip or outdoors with your friend, keep your sound by your side at all times.
    The Pac2Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker can easily fit into a backpack, suitcase or a travel bag and yet is strong enough to fill up a kitchen, living room or classroom. It is ideal for personal usage, indoor party or picnic with friends and family. – Further information see the technical information and FAQ.

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We, at Pac2Go no longer travel without taking along a few snacks. Plane rides are often long and the food is well…airline food. Once on the ground time zone changes and our daily meal pattern are different. We find we need a little something to help when those meals times extend a little longer. We discovered Kind bars in the summer of 2015 and just won’t travel without then. If you are diabetic or gluten free, these are the perfect comfort food. Try to pack one per person per day. We can honestly recommend anyone of the varieties below. Find them at your local Target, Walmart, or grocery store. Anything less than $1.25/unit is a good price. We’ve included convenient links to Amazon below along with our favorite choices.

  • Kind Nuts & Spices
    $14.22/12 Count
    Kind Nuts & Spices bars are a combination of nuts drizzled with dark chocolate, caramel, or vanilla with only 5g of sugar or less. Low glycemic and gluten-free, they’re perfect for anyone traveling in your party. Nuts & Spices come in 9 varieties, but we like Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt the best.
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  • Kind Fruit and Nut
    $14.22/12 count
    Kind Fruit and Nut bars are a combination of one type of nut mixed with one fruit and a little honey. They have a little more sugar than the Nuts & Spices, but are still low glycemic and gluten-free. Fruit & Nut come in 9 varieties, but we like Almond & Coconut the best.
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  • Kind Plus
    $14.22/12 count
    Kind Plus bars are a combination of nuts with either dark chocolate or fruit. The Plus is either protein, omega-3, fiber, or antioxidants. Low glycemic and gluten-free, they’re perfect for anyone traveling in your party. Plus comes in 7 varieties, but we like Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew the best.
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Our Pac2Go staff has worn out more bags than most people will ever own over their million miles of travel. It used to be typical to run through a bag a year until TravelPro FlightCrew 4 series was discovered. They are affordable, rugged and very dependable bags that can be pulled through the airport with just one finger. Our current bags are coming up on 4 years now and are still functioning well. All the bags come with a 3 year guarantee, but you won’t need one. WARNING: Make sure you buy the FlightCrew 4 and not the Crew 9 or Crew 10 series. They are NOT the same bag. We recommend the Flight Attendant Shop or Denver Mainliner Club Store for purchasing TravelPro FlightCrew 4 luggage.

  • Travelpro FlightCrew 4 22″ Pilot Rollaboard
    I have had this bag for over 4 years and it is still going. What makes it better than the others is the ruggedized protection on every corner and impact surface. It’s got a couple of handy little zippered side pockets where I can put my phone and billfold when I go through security. The front has three compartments, one padded for an extra large computer. The back has a large zippered expandable back pocket for those bulky carry-ons. Inside is just a box, but that suits me fine. And I can expand it out 3 inches if I need to. Pulling this 9.2 lb bag through the airport is a breeze. No squirrelly, mind of it’s own directions that you see with some bags. Perfectly balanced I can pull it with one finger and it comes with a metal J-hook attachment allows you to add a smaller bag and use just one hand.
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  • TravelPro FlightCrew 4 24″ Rollaboard
    Similar to the Pilot with the exception that it is 2″ longer, has an interior divider, and doesn’t have the protective corners on the top of the bag. This is the perfect bag when you need a little extra room and you’re planning to the check your luggage.
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  • TravelPro FlightCrew 4 Rolling Tote
    This is the perfect companion to the 22″ Pilot. The quickloop handle easily attaches to the Pilot’s J Hook. Two small compartments on the side comfortably hold headphones and batteries. The tote is divided into three compartments: a small front pocket business organizer; a computer sleeve in the interior pocket; and cavernous back pocket for all your essential electronics. You’ll notice very little strain as you pull this carry-on bag through the airport.
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We aim to make your travel time easier. Let us know your greatest travel accessory need?