To ‘Bell’ or not to “Bell”?

I am dressed in my suit and stationed to serve the guests. When the front desk agent rings the bell, I hop into action eager to serve the guests. This is what I do; I am a real Bellmen. This is “Five Star” service you will not get just anywhere; this is service with a smile and with flare. This service was designed to inspire and give you the value you are paying for.

Last week I watched a guest shake his head at me as if to say, “I don’t need you.” I kept smiling and offered enthusiastic assistance only to hear him say, “I got this.” Nevertheless, I watched him pull his two large bags down our marbled floor and over our Persian carpets with his wife in tow. She really did want my assistance as she had that worn out, exasperated, down trodden look all over her face. She would have handed me her bags in a heartbeat. But the “hard charger” refused my services.

Ten minutes later I observed them wandering around the foyer hallway again with their bags still hitched to their weary arms. They had gone up the wrong elevator and had been searching for their room in the wrong building. Inwardly I chuckled and then with a straight face I made a sincere offer to help. I pointed the way to the correct building and started them down the hallway all the while offering to carry their bags for them on my shiny bell cart. However, the man was now more resolute to go the distance and the woman was more willing than ever to give me her burden; she shook her frazzled hair in disgust.

In my mind, I could only imagine how romantic they were going to be with each other. She had had it with him and I am sure he was filled with blame. Oh, he could blame the front desk agent for not giving better directions. He could blame the hotel for poor signage. He could blame the maps for not being numbered better. But, I wondered; would they know where to go for dinner? Would they know where to get ice? Would they know how to use the Internet? Would they know how to use the television? Would they know how to visit the many wonderful sites our property has to offer? Would they know how to use our free shuttle service to get around? How much extra money are they going to waste all because they wanted to avoid tipping a bellman?

I believe my service would have helped them get their resort stay off to a good start. By the way, what is ten to twenty bucks in comparison to the five hundred they are racking up in room rates and hotel fees?

They are what I call, “penny smart, but pound foolish.” All they needed to do was enlist me and I could show them several ways to save money. If they wanted romance, I could help them with that too. If they want a good dinner, I know all the good spots. You see, I could have helped them get what they really want.

In my next installment of Sid the Bellman, I will show you how a bellman can help you get what you really want in your resort getaway. Now let me give you a tip; “When you are laying sod in your backyard, plant it green side up.” Go ahead and live green side up. Love life and see good days.


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