Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Will this speaker work when plugged into ac power? Can i use it as a corded ac powered speaker? P2GBS-01-MainImage

Yes, but the USB plug is on the bottom of the unit so you would either have to hang the unit with the loop or set it on it’s side

Is there a light that goes out or comes on when it is fully charged?

The red light is on when charging and off when full charged. Additionally When power is low, the red light flashes until shutdown.

Can you use the speaker to charge your phone?

No! We recommend the Pac2Go Mobile Power Charger for charging your phone.

Would this speaker support Bluetooth auto-pairing?

Yes. The device name is P2GBS-01 and it is easy to pair as no code/pin is needed.

Would this work well as a mobile conference call speaker/microphone? I want to pair this with a Surface Pro 3 for web conference calls.

Absolutely! The microphone has noise-cancelling capabilities built which improves the sound on the receivers end.

Is it ok to take outdoors?

Yep, that is what it was designed for. It has IPX-4 splash proof protection to withstand water splashed from all directions.