7500mAh Mobile Power Charger Coupon


Pac2Go’s Powerbank is a great solution to quickly charge your notebook, ipad and tablet. Designed for life on the go when you need more power and don’t have the convenience of an AC outlet nearby. Your just 2 easy steps from getting this amazing power bank for 20% off.

Step 1: Enter your name and address and press “Send Me My Coupon” to have your coupon emailed to you.

Step 2: On the date listed in your email go to Amazon and purchase the Pac2Go 7500 mAh Mobile Power Charger in the color of your choice. Use your coupon and the price will be reduced by 20% when you buy one.

IMPORTANT! Be sure to use your coupon on the date listed in the email!

BUT WAIT! If you buy 2 or more units we will reduce the price by 25%.