Mission Impossible

Sometimes last minute flying can be a lot of fun and exhilarating. Ever since we gained access to ability to fly at a significantly reduced price we’ve been trying to figure where we should go. The objectives were pretty simple: A high likelihood we would get there, no warmer weather than our home base and a reasonable cost for lodging.

In the early part of the week we had looked at several cities including Boston, New York, Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver. All four failed because of higher than expect lodging expenses. $300+ a night….ah no! We even thought of taking an Alaska cruise for a week, but nixed the idea when the flights and ding me costs put the total cost way out of range.

Jokingly last night, one of us said we should just go to Houston and stay at the Westin at the Gallery. Turns out the lodging cost was so low that it was a possibility until we figured that the hotel cost and the Houston temperature differential was only 7 units. Hum…no! Melting was a not an objective.

This morning I was awakened to news that we could obtain lodging in Monterrey Bay area within our agreed objective for this weekend. I did a little further research and found a new Starwood hotel that is part of the Tribute Portfolio Hotel collection in Costa Mesa, CA at a rate of $149 night.

A quick look at the flights revealed an immediately possibility with two seats in first class and plenty of room in coach. The flight even left from our regional airport. The only problem was the plane left at 11:10am. It was already 9:00am and we are a good 45 minutes from the airport.

We both looked at each other and committed to a 9:30 departure from the house. In less than 30 minutes we finished getting dressed, packed out bags (one each), booked both the flight and hotel. By 9:27 we were out the door and headed to the airport.

Arriving at the regional airport at 10:10 we choose the long term parking at the astronomical price of $6/day and parked so far away that is took us 5 minutes to walk to the terminal.

Inside the terminal we acquired the standby passes and by 10:15 had cleared security with our TSA-Pre access. At 10:55 we were called for our standby seats. Not first class, but economy plus non the less. A little snafu with one of our birthdays but we were on the plane to LA by 11:05.

Mission completed!!

Now all we have to do is rent a car and figure out a flight back home!

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